Houston Specialty Pharmacy for Rare Condition Care

houston specialty pharmacy

It’s uncommon for poor health from conditions that cannot be treated by standard pharmacological approaches, but it happens. Certain rare conditions or diseases may present treatment needs that are beyond the scope of what an average pharmacy can do. And patients taking specialty medications often require more complex services over standard medications. Any major metro area in America will have more people with these needs, simply based on population numbers. The demand for a Houston specialty pharmacy is reflective of that.

Gene therapy is a good example of this and the types of pharmacokinetic drugs that are used in its ground-breaking approach are the type that a specialty pharmacy is required for. Many times this involves drug compounding too. So your Houston specialty pharmacy may also be a compounding pharmacy, depending on the type of custom Rx medications needed. Gene therapy medications include viral and bacterial vectors, plasmid DNA, or even human gene editing technology.

Find a conventional storefront pharmacy that is capable of that and we’ll be impressed. A Houston specialty pharmacy doesn’t do this type of work themselves. They are the only pharmacy that will be able to dispense medications that work based on these type of approaches.

Focus is on clinical care for patients with complex disease states. And taking notes on complex data sets to participate in feedback for the effectiveness of medication.

The demand for specialty pharmacies is also very clear. Sales for these types of specialty drugs regularly accounts for over $200 million in sales for the pharmaceutical industry. And having specialty pharmacies to get them into the hands of people who need them is important.

Expanding on Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Compounding and / or dispensing of specialty drugs will be the primary focuses for a Houston specialty pharmacy. These drugs are often indicated for treatment of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis among other serious health risks.

Other chronic diseases that may require specialty drugs from this pharmacy are:

  • Hepatitis
  • Diabetes
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Hemophilia
  • Crohn’s Disease

These medication tend to not be broad-spectrum like an antibiotic. Instead, they are indicated specifically for just one chronic condition or illness. These types of pharmacies become very valuable when a specialty medication requires synthesized compounds that are not as easily produced.

A conventional pharmacy isn’t going to be capable of that, but a specialty pharmacy will. Specialty pharmacies can make medication as well as keep end user costs down. The ability to accommodate handling and shelf life is another part of what makes the specialty pharmacy better qualified.

Often times a specialty drug will be a biologic medication. A biologic drug is produced from living organisms or components of living organisms. Those used in chemotherapy are increasingly needed in places like Houston or any other big city. The large metro population means more people undergo treatment for cancer.

Connected with Local Pharmacies

Big cities often have an extensive web of connectivity, when it comes to healthcare services. A Houston specialty pharmacy is an example where many of the local storefronts will have a servicing and provision arrangement. This is so they can accommodate to customers who come into their pharmacy for medications they may not provide. Most specialty pharmacies are happy to make these arrangements.

White bagging is the term used for when a specialty pharmacy sends a patient’s prescription directly to the provider. The provider is most commonly a physician office or outpatient clinic. The medication is then properly handled and held until the patient arrives for treatment. The opposite arrangement – brown bagging – is when the patient visits the pharmacy to pick up medication to then take home themselves.

Many older people with mobility issues will prefer if a Houston specialty pharmacy is able to provide white bagging service. But keep in mind that some may also be able to offer local pharmacy delivery services online.