Houston Area LTC Pharmacy for Senior’s Care

houston ltc pharmacy

Healthcare in Texas has always put a lot of importance on long term care for seniors. That’s because like many other large States in the country there a lot of folks over 65. Now many of the Baby Boomer generation are reaching their elderly years. We can expect there to be increasing numbers of people moving into long-term care facilities. A Houston LTC pharmacy is one where the pharmacy also assumes the role of a GP. The pharmacy will monitor patient conditions and regulate drug protocols. We can expect there to be more need for these types of pharmacies in the future.

Pharmacists and pharmacy assistants at a Houston LTC pharmacy can expect more clinical relationships with patients. There will be more of monitoring the health of the patient over time. Consultations with some patients may be longer and more extensive. The focus is on establishing and keeping patients on consistent drug plans. The pharmacist is expected to monitor a patient’s physical condition and response to medication over time. Hospice care can be a part of this too.

A person who likes to help older people often enjoys working as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician at a Houston LTC pharmacy. There will be more future opportunities in pharmacy careers in the United States. People who have the ability to work in long-term care pharmacies will like that it provides steady long-term employment. The employment comes with good remuneration and more in the way of a ‘routine’.

Steadier Hands

Often, people have less dexterity in their hands and fingers as they get older. Hand weakness is often an issue for seniors, and many seniors will tell you that they struggle to open consumer good packaging. Some will also have difficulty opening up packaging for their medication. That is why blister packs are so common for use with a Houston LTC pharmacy. Or packages at any other long-term care facility in the country.

Proper packaging of medication is an important part of work at an LTC pharmacy. Given that many of the patients will have these same hand / finger dexterity issues. Other standard tasks related to this type of work include:

  • Drug regimen reviews
  • Review of medical records and clinical visits
  • Nutritional support services
  • Medical equipment provision
  • Surgical appliance fitting
  • IV therapy services
  • Drug research
  • Patient counseling

Pharmacy assistants at a Houston LTC pharmacy may also be required to provide diagnostic services to seniors in their homes or unit. This usually does not involve traveling long distances however as most often the pharmacy is located in or near the long term care facility. Consulting with patients this way is important because not all individuals will react the same way to specific therapies, and the progression of many of the different chronic ailments can vary significantly between patients.

2010 Affordable Care Act

Better healthcare as part of senior living was front and center with the 2010 US Affordable Healthcare Act and in the ten years since then opportunities for skilled nursing and the types of extended pharma care services from a Houston LTC pharmacy have grown immensely. Long-term care facilities also need to have a pharmacy that is not as at-risk for supply shortages of certain medications as can be the case with a retail pharmacy.

This is because with the types of patients being served by a Houston LTC pharmacy are more likely to be faced with life-threatening conditions or serious infections, and in many instances time will be of the essence when it comes to treating them with the needed medications.

Houston’s booming population growth has made it among the fastest growing regions in the United States. The city routinely has population increased of more than 25,000 people per year and as the city grows so do the needs of senior citizens who may be in need of more specialized care. Long term care homes and other similar facilities will be working with a Houston LTC pharmacy that is able to accommodate their needs.