houston pharmacy careers

Great Opportunities: Houston Pharmacy Careers

There are only 3 major metro cities in the entire USA that are bigger than Houston. And with such a large city size and expansive population comes considerable demand for healthcare services. So, many people use medication on an ongoing basis to maintain their health or now and again to treat conditions. In a city the size of the Houston, there are many people who want to have a good pharmacy with a quality staff accessible near their residence. In light of this demand there are good career paths here with Houston pharmacy careers.

Both working as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician can be a good career choice. They offer an above-average income earning capacity and a stable job. This involves working with the public and interacting with customers. For many people who get into this work this is part of what makes working as a pharmacist rewarding. In other words, Houston pharmacy careers are a good choice for a ‘people’ person.

Similarly, many people must consider the possibility of relocating after completing post-secondary or vocational training. That is often because of the type of work they’ve chosen. People who get into the pharmacology business are often more fortunate in being able to stay close to home. That’s because there are always many pharmacy jobs in Houston.

Good Pharmacy Career Pathways

For instance, graduates considering careers may find interest in the different pharmaceutical pathways. This will apply to Houston pharmacy careers too. A bariatrics pharmacist is one who works with people and their drug needs following bariatric surgery. And many of the major universities in Texas have hospitals where these surgeries are done. A compounding pharmacist is one who specializes in making custom mixes of pharmaceuticals. The mixes are made for patients with unique and specific healthcare needs.

A critical care pharmacist is one who assists healthcare teams and physicians with pharmacotherapy. The critical care pharmacist assists when patients are facing greater health risks. In other words, their course of treatment involves a detailed course of medications. Critical care pharmacists require more training, but this is one type of pharmacy job that pays especially well. Many critical care pharmacists working in Texas or elsewhere in the USA make upwards of $100k per year. However, the work is more challenging than simply working in a dispensing pharmacy.

Pharmacists who are trained to work with elderly patients in or out of clinical environments are geriatric pharmacists. This is another good mention regarding Houston pharmacy careers. In other words, Texas is a state with a large population of senior citizens. And many of them will be working in conjunction with both physicians and pharmacists. An immunization pharmacist may be another potential choice. Above all, during the COVID-19 pandemic these professionals are frontline for immunization efforts across the USA.

Government and Regulatory Roles

Your research into Houston pharmacy careers will show opportunities to work for the Federal or State Government. These careers are in helping to regulate the pharmacy. Working as a clinical inspection pharmacist or a consumer safety officer are examples. Another option is work as a correctional facility pharmacist. This is a very important position, and for some people it may be a great fit. Working with eMAR and eHR systems is what these pharmacists use to make sure that individuals in the penal system receive their correction medications in a timely manner.

People who are considering Houston pharmacy careers will be pleased to know that the University of Houston offers 6 pharmacy and pharmacology degrees and their campus is regarded to be among the best pharmacy and pharmacy colleges in Houston. In conclusion, it is a realistic possibility to complete one of these programs and have pharmacy jobs to choose from in the Houston and Galveston areas of Texas.

Are you looking to establish yourselves in a stable career? Houston Texas is an area where pharmacy jobs are plentiful and demand is there for new people who have the right training.